Thursday, December 17, 2009

Laughter... bliss.

My 3 1/2 month old daughter, E, laughed - really laughed - for the first time today.

I'm not sure what exactly she was laughing AT, except possibly me. And by me, I don't mean I was making silly faces, or big exaggerated fake laughs at her, nor tickling her or doing anything else to try to induce a giggle. I was sitting on the couch, holding her up as she stood on my legs. I was looking at her, and all of a sudden she broke out in a big giggle. Naturally, it made me laugh right back and she rewarded my response with another giggle and a huge, open mouthed smile. After that, she laughed more as I brought her close to me, then moved her back to see her face, and later as I held her up in the air and slowly lowered her towards me, then back up again. Big, hearty, from the tummy giggles. It's about time she started laughing at me...

What a sound. It is hard to imagine anything sweeter than the sound of a laughing baby. And when it is your baby, it is all the sweeter.

A smiling, laughing baby girl... bliss.

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