Saturday, May 7, 2011

Play ball!

Baseball season is upon us once again! And this year I have not one, but two little sluggers out there in the field. Sadly, the weather doesn't seem to want to cooperate as much as we'd like, but at least we haven't been rained on (yet!).

This year I'm struck by the differences in my boys. David (6) is a straight line. He's easy to motivate, easy to coach. He wants to do well, he listens to Daddy and his coaches. He loves to play and it's simply a pleasure to watch him grow and get better.

Grayson (almost about 4), well, he's another animal entirely. Not that this is news to me; their polar opposite personalities have been obvious since birth. He is chaos in a little person. He isn't unruly or running around like a crazy child or misbehaving out there. He simply does things Grayson style. You want him to walk out on the field and get his mit? Sure, but he'll take a winding, roundabout route to get there. You want him to put on his helmet and get ready to bat? Sure, but he'll put it on backwards first or try to stick his bat in the fence.

Some of it is just age. David is older, and that makes quite a bit of difference. He wasn't nearly as focused at Grayson's age. But some of it is the mystery that is Grayson. He's just his own little person and he absolutely fascinates me.

It is a good reminder that no two children are alike, and the way we approach them needs to be different. There are certain ways to motivate David, to keep him on the right track. Those things don't work as well for Grayson. And I admit, finding what works for him isn't as simple.

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